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we make fine food fun

Wednesdays is an experimental dinner series based in New York City. Our concept is simple: make the dinner conversation as interesting as the meal itself. We are (so) bored with the status quo, fancy night out filled with shallow small-talk about the weather, work and material excess. So we created a place to dive into intellectual, gritty, fascinating, uncomfortable, vulnerable topics like failure, regret, social norms, hopes and dreams.


The basic premise of our dinners is 7 courses of food paired with a 4 course cocktail flight. Beyond that, every meal is different, in size and content. We like to have fun with our food and take chances with our events - everything from virtual reality moments paired with dishes to driving out paratroopers on toy tanks to presenting guests with bugs in edible terrariums. We love and welcome discourse and disagreement, but we aren't so snobby and serious we can't have fun while we're engaging in it.

We started Wednesdays on Wednesday nights (Hump Day!) as a way to "take a pause" during the workweek. The hectic, 24/7 lifestyle most of us lead rarely gives us opportunities to meet people - new or old - and connect with them in a satisfying way. We were originally named "I Forgot It's Wednesday" because we hope our guests are so engrossed in the experience they "forget it's Wednesday"! While we now host dinners on both Wednesday and Saturday nights, the goal for every dinner remains the same.

In short, this is our way of starting the change we want to see in the world. We don't care about being the trendiest new spot in town or hosting star-studded clientele. Our mission is to make food & drink a medium where people can venture out of their comfort zone, meet like-minded individuals to share in a refreshing conversation that moves the mind. After all...isn't living about connecting?


by Chef Jenny Dorsey

We like to create food with wild abandon.


We'll take the leap to pair octopus with blackberries, to make edible zen gardens from chickpeas and potato chips, to add spiced crickets to your pea-flavored cake. What's life without some risk and danger?


We draw much of our inspiration from the rich food cultures of the world and strive to keep every table of guests guessing just a little bit ;)

Wednesdays NYC "Edible Terrarium" Dish
Wednesdays NYC "Edible Zen Garden" Dish


by Mixologist Matt Dorsey

Our cocktails follow the progression of strange and stranger. 

We love a classic cocktail but boy, do we love the funky stuff too. There's no rules to what is "cool" to drink and definitely no wrong way to drink it. We love to create our own flavor extracts, ferment and barrel-age liquors, and introduce guests to new spirits.

While we are big wine and beer enthusiasts, we are champions of cocktails as the best accompaniment to a meal. We hope you'll agree!

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We host tasting dinners every few months and release tickets 3-4 weeks prior via our mailing list. Please sign up for our NYC list below, or click here for our San Francisco list and Los Angeles list.

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