Why Millennials Are Flocking to RV Travel

Trips taken in an RV offer a brand new experience! This is the ideal way to travel in style and see new places. It is the perfect solution when you want to check out new places or return to some you really love to visit! Millennials find this type of travel is a great way to break away from their daily routine.

Depending on the travelers, the itinerary may be carefully mapped out with all of the places to stop along the way. Some are in a hurry to get to that final destination while others like to take their time and see what is offered along the route. There are those that just get into the RV and see where the road will take them.

Some of these trips are for a weekend and others are for days or even weeks at a time. It all depends on how much time they have on their hands. Traveling in an RV is a wonderful way to enjoy all nature has to offer. It provides the opportunity to see the outdoors and the beauty surrounding it. Yet the process doesn’t mean roughing it either!


While RVing isn’t a new way to camp, there has been a significant increase in the number of RVs sold in recent years. Part of it is due to COVID-19, restrictions make it harder for people to do much where they would be around other people. This type of travel gets them out of the house and gives them something fun to look forward to.

There was a 72% increase in the number of people going camping 3 or more times annually between 2014 and 2019. Such data was collected and shared by the North American Camping Resort. With about 56% of new campers being Millennials, the number of RVs sold is predicted to continue to rise. Most of the Millennials report they enjoy camping and plan to do it even more in the years ahead!

The way in which people enjoy the outdoors is also moving in this direction. With technology in abundance around us, many want to experience nature but still have perks from home. An RV allows them to do so with electricity and a comfortable place to sleep. Most of them have a shower and that can be a bonus when camping. They also have places to plug-in electronic devices to stay connected. At least 44% of those camping in 2018 stated they would love to camp more and get around in an RV to do it!

The housing market can make it hard for people to find a decent home for a good price. The prices continue to soar, making it extremely difficult for the average household to save 20% to put down on a home. Trying to keep the mortgage reasonable and ensure everything can fit within the budget for the household proves to be a challenge. In some locations, homes are sold days after they are listed, making it hard to even get a chance to put an offer on one!

An alternative for many Millennials is an RV. They can reside in it and travel in it. They may decide to buy an RV and stay in an apartment or a rental property. When you add in other bills they have, especially student loans, it can be too much for them to buy a home. Others don’t want to be tied down to one place with a mortgage. They love the idea of traveling as much as they can! An RV makes that possible and there are amazing deals on them. A low-interest rate can help keep the payments affordable.

Millennials own fewer homes than other sectors, due to rising costs. It is also their changed mindset about such ownership. They want the freedom that comes with travel and the road. The purchase of an RV is an investment they feel they can get plenty of value from. With so many styles, sizes, and options there is the ideal one for any travel out there! The many comforts of a home you love with the ability to change the view as often as you like!


While the growth in Camper Van & RV sales has skyrocketed in the last 5 years, this is an industry with steady growth. Since the 1980s there has been a shift with younger generations investing in them. The median age is from 25 to 44 years old. The days of an RV being purchased only by retirees are long is gone! Not everyone is ready to buy an RV due to their financial situation. This doesn’t stop many Millennials from renting them throughout the year.

This gives them an opportunity to try out different brands and models before they buy one. It is also cheaper than staying in a hotel or a cabin. A peer to peer service is common, and 63% of Millennials have shared they would do so in order to test out options before they commit to such a purchase of any RV.

One of the biggest providers of such peer to peer rentals of RVs is RVShare. They make it possible to obtain such a rental no matter where you are. They have more than 100,000 vehicles around the country. This provides a solution for anyone and plenty of options with what they would like to rent. The cost is very low too compared to paying for a typical vacation. Being able to travel and explore without spending lots of money is a winning outcome! This is especially true when the economy takes a hit as it has recently with COVID-19.

For Millennials, such sharing is nothing new. They have grown up with the concepts of it, including leasing vehicles. They are also familiar with the popularity of entities such as:

  • E-Bay
  • Online marketplace
  • Uber and Lyft

Such options allow them to get what they want for an outstanding deal. They have learned to maximize value and potential with the use of such services. They are more than a passing trend, they are a core part of how Millennials live and thrive in society. The concept of renting an RV falls in line with all of that. Plus, they can take an RV to locations where they have privacy. They aren’t stuck in a typical hotel setting. Yet they don’t have to rough it and sleep on the ground in a tent either!

The process of renting an RV is very simple, and there are plenty of options. Most companies require the operator to have to be at least 25 years of age. You also have to provide a valid driver’s license. There are small vehicles if you are new to the concept, and then you can work your way up to the larger ones as you get more comfortable with them.

Do your homework about any restrictions for RV size at various parks or campgrounds. The National and state parks all share these details on their websites. Such details will also help you find out about hookups, the cost, and making reservations. While you can just show up at some places, there are times when all the spots will be filled up. If you know your travel plans, it is best to make a reservation for your RV.